1. slowly becoming a juggalo


  2. storchcraft:

    Learn new languages to post memes to more people and grow your fanbase

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  3. "Serious" reading for this semester:
    -Infinite Jest/DFW essays
    -Norton Anthology of Poetry (I’ve always been into poetry, but I feel so ignorant about it in an academic sense)

    "Light" reading:
    -Various graphic novels from the surprisingly good selection in the library
    -The YA novels I was too pretentious to read in middle/high school

  4. mostlygeekythings:

    The Rabbi’s Cat by Joann Sfar

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  6. Never change campus bookstore

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  8. moving back in without my wallet was probably a great mistake to make. i’m now selling my shit on facebook with abandon in order to not renege on someone. i should probably work to eventually have most of my stuff fit into a not-to-massive pack.


  9. gookgod:

    *licks finger and puts it up in the wind* I feel it… the chemtrails

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  10. state why do u keep pretending that fb doesn’t exist