3. Anonymous said: How do you find the inspiration to make art? I've lost it and I'm trying to find the motivation to make art again but it hasn't been successful. What can I do?


    watch a lot of movies, take screen caps and draw them

    go to ur old elementary school or park and draw all the capri suns/various trash stuf on the ground (also maybe chill on the swings for a little bit)

    buy a mega stack of construction paper and just cut shapes and mix fun colors together

    go on a bike ride and blast fun music and take a lot of pics of things that u think are cool and then go home and use them to make up a story 

    dont be super sad about it motivationwill come eventually just remember that making art doesnt have to be a chore or heavy its just fun and like u can just draw snacks or trash bags or weird outfits, its more about just bein ~creative, doing whatever u want thru art idk


  4. i think this is the first time i haven’t wanted to scream in my class evals.

  5. droomoog - Music production visualized with bunnies.

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  6. voldey:



    Did you know that M83’s Midnight City and Smash Mouth’s All Star have a tempo difference of only 1 BPM?

    I thought I had enough allstar


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  7. i am now certified to correct people’s pronunciation and be ~authentic~ at mexican restaurants.

  8. Oyster you’re killing me

  9. mountaindewftw:

    Color Pallets for the main Mountain Dew Lineup!


  10. I grew up with foodie parents, but I still have no idea wtf “hints” and “notes” are supposed to be.